3.Jiangca Slope

The temple is built at the northern foot of the mountain, facing to the south. In order to enter the temple area, one has to pass a slope. Why is a slope built instead of big steps? One explanation is related to the emperor. Big steps are not easy for the carriages and sedan chairs of the emperor to pass through. Another supposition is about the “broad and long tongue” image in Buddhism, indicating two layers of meaning: 1, what is said is definitely true; 2, Unparalleled eloquence. In this context, to call the slope of temple “broad and long tongue” means: first, what the temple disseminates is in the true spirit of the Buddha with utmost honesty; second, upholding the law of Buddhism, this temple aims to deliver all living creatures from all the torment. The design and shape of the slope, rare to see in China, can best express the Buddhism spirit, constituting a distinctive sight of architectural value. The third interpretation goes that when people walk along the slope, they must bend down and bow their head, showing respect for the Buddha.